Mark Crone


Prior to joining LKP Global Law, LLP as a Partner, Mark E. Crone was the founder and managing partner of CKR Law and, prior to that time, the founder and principal of The Crone Law Group. With over 25 years of corporate and securities law experience, Mr. Crone has extensive experience representing micro-cap and small-cap publicly traded companies as well as emerging growth and established private companies. Mr. Crone has been active in all legal aspects of representing private and publicly traded companies, from assisting them with executing and developing their business plan to listing their securities on a national exchange. He plays a strategic role for clients by assisting in securing and structuring equity and debt offerings, PIPEs, convertible debentures, venture capital and mezzanine financing.

Mr. Crone began establishing relationships with companies in China as early as 2003. This was when the explosive growth of public companies in China was just beginning, putting Mr. Crone's firm at the forefront of U.S. law firms offering their legal services in China. While spending up to 50 percent of his time in China over the past decade, Mr. Crone served as corporate and securities counsel to more than 70 China-based, U.S. listed companies. During this period, Mr. Crone also represented investment banks and investor groups with business interests in China.

During his time managing his prior firms, Mr. Crone represented both large NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies and smaller issuers whose securities are traded over-the-counter. Mr. Crone represented both public and private issuers and investors in public offerings and private placements of securities, PIPE offerings, and angel and venture capital financings. The firm also handled mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and alternative public offerings. Mr. Crone regularly counsels companies with respect to SEC Exchange Act compliance, corporate governance, and fiduciary obligations, with an emphasis on SEC law regarding public disclosure through periodic reports, proxy statements, beneficial ownership reporting, and press releases.

Mr. Crone is admitted to practice law in California and Connecticut.


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