Corporate And Business Department

Attorneys in our corporate and business department represent corporations and businesses in connection with a range of business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, private placements, investment funds, joint ventures, securities regulatory compliance, general commercial and intellectual property transactions, and general corporate activities. Our clients range from small emerging companies to multinational conglomerates. We have recruited and developed a talented group of attorneys who are experienced in every aspect of the corporate and business transactions we work on, delivering customized solutions for our clients.

Corporate Transactions Group

Our corporate transactions group focuses on assisting businesses operating around the world to locate and obtain the capital they need to grow and conduct their businesses. Our attorneys have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for companies in a wide range of industries through public offerings, private offerings and debt offerings. Our corporate transactions group is truly global in scope. We have assisted many foreign companies in listing their securities and raising capital in the United States. We have also assisted US companies in listing their securities and raising capital in foreign stock exchanges. Some of our attorneys are licensed to practice law in multiple countries, allowing for fluid and seamless delivery of legal services in multiple countries.

Additionally, attorneys in our corporate transactions group have significant experience with mergers and acquisitions of companies, particularly with public companies. Our attorneys have handled all aspects of an acquisition or sale of a company or business, including structuring the transaction, dealing with securities and regulatory issues, negotiating the transactions, dealing with securities filings and closing such transactions. Our M&A practice is also global in scope. Our attorneys have handled cross-border acquisition transactions, including acquiring companies in Asia and Europe.

Asia Practice Group

Our Asia Practice Group specializes in representing Asian companies in: (i) public offerings in the United States, such as IPOs, Secondary, Follow-On and Registered Direct Offerings; (ii) private corporate finance transactions, such as PIPEs, private equity and venture capital transactions; (iii) SEC compliance for Asian companies publicly listed in the United States; and (iv) mergers and acquisitions transactions for Asian companies publicly listed in the United States. We take an active approach in representing our Asian company clients to help them succeed in the US markets. We have strong relationships with a large network of investment banks, placement agents, fund managers and other investors in the US and frequently introduce our clients to them for successful capital formation transactions. The attorneys in the Asia Practice Group are highly trained from some of the best law schools and law firms in the US, and many can speak and read Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and Korean. We currently represent over 30 Chinese companies, half of which are publicly listed in the US, trading on the NASDAQ and OTCBB. 

Attorneys in our Asia Practice Group have taken many Chinese companies public in the US in IPOs with listings on the NASDAQ and NYSE stock markets and in reverse merger transactions. We are involved in the IPO process, from introducing the company to suitable investment banks to serve as underwriters for the IPO, to filing the registration statement with the SEC, to navigating the regulatory requirements of the NASDAQ or NYSE to closing the transaction and trading on the NASDAQ or NYSE. In addition, attorneys in our Asian Practice Group have represented numerous Chinese companies in structuring, documenting and servicing corporate finance transactions, especially in Follow-On and Registered Direct Offerings and PIPE (Private Investments in Public Equities) transactions. Our extensive experience and expertise have resulted in getting Registration Statements such as S-1s, F-1s and S-3s effective with minimal comments from the SEC. 

In addition, attorneys in our Asia Practice Group have assisted US companies in forming joint ventures in Asia. Through our affiliate law firms in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we are able to structure and advise on transactions for US companies doing business in Asia in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and mainland China. Our vast experience in Asia also helps to bridge the cultural and legal gap between the US and Asian partners.

Corporate Compliance Group

LKP Global Law provides public companies with comprehensive corporate and securities law compliance services, including preparing, reviewing and filing of SEC reports, proxy materials and registration statements. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing public companies and work frequently with the SEC on securities law filings. Our extensive experience gives us insight into what the SEC is looking for in commenting on securities filings and we bring such insight to our clients in identifying and anticipating issues about which the SEC is concerned. This results in better disclosure for our public company clients and shorter registration statement commenting periods. 

In addition, our attorneys are frequently asked to advise our clients on day-to-day operational issues, corporate governance issues, strategic corporate initiatives and changes to various laws that effect the conduct of business and the conduct of a company's officers, directors or shareholders. Our attorneys' extensive experience in representing all types of businesses gives them the depth and breadth of both legal and business knowledge and expertise to adequately handle such issues.